Silicone Plastinates are three-dimensional plastinated specimens from real human bodies. Whole bodies, body regions, single organs or body systems are available. They are dissected in different and unique ways. Silicone Plastinates have a high ... didactical value and are particularly suitable for universities and museums.

These specimens keep their natural form and thus allow students and professionals to examine structures and details of the body better than with any model.

Each of our unique dissections shows different anatomical elements or perspectives. For example, they may show the intricate structure of the musculoskeletal system and the inner organs as well as their relative position to each other.

Depending on your specific curriculum various combinations of specimen series and collections are available. We can advise on the possibilities and combinations best aligned to your specific teaching needs. If a particular teaching goal is not covered by a specimen in our catalog, we are able to make a custom-made dissection for you.