Silicone Plastinates  
  Head and Neck  

Whole Head Specimen - arterial supply


  • Includes the upper part of the thoracic vertebral column down to T7
  • Organs of the superior and posterior mediastinum
  • Heart with the vessels, myocardium and the coronary arteries are exposed
  • Arteries, fully representing the blood supply of the head and neck
  • Organs of the neck with their blood supply
  • The brain on the right side – a part of the temporal lobe and a part of the cerebellum are removed in order to expose cerebral arteries
  • The brain on the left side is covered by the arachnoid membrane and partially by the dura mater, showing the blood supply of the brain’s coverings
  • Content of orbits in situ. The dissection shows arterial anastomoses around the orbits, the blood supply of the eyeballs and accessory structures
  • The head on the right side shows branches of the external carotid artery and the rout of the internal carotid artery entirely
  • The head on the left side shows arterial distribution to the deep facial region and retromandibular region.
  • Vertebral arteries are exposed on both sides of the specimen
  • on the left side shown in the transverse foramina and on right side the arteries are unveiled