Body No. 4


Body No. 4 The concept of body 4 is to present the somatic nervous system and the circulatory system. In order to expose the deepest layers and structures of the body, it is necessary to remove a large portion of the muscles. Each side of the body will represent a different anatomical design by use of specific dissection methods.
Head and Neck
  • dissection of the arteries and nerves, as well as the following areas: orbital cavity, external and middle ear, deep facial region, oral diaphragm and tongue, as well as organs of the neck
  • the cranial cavity is opened to display the brain stem and cranial nerves, and the arches of vertebras along the vertebral column are removed to expose the spinal cord
Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis
  • a window in the chest is created to reveal the heart, along with the thoracic part of the aorta and its branches
  • partial removal of the abdominal wall allows the arteries and nerves of the abdomen and pelvis to be observed
  • the main organs and structures of the lesser pelvis are displayed
  • on one side, deep muscles and main joints with their ligaments and peripheral nerves are exposed
  • the other side shows deep and combined muscular dissection with arteries
  • the larger joints are opened
  • stand included