Body No. 2


Body No. 2 is positioned close to a normal anatomical arrangement. The entire human body is divided at the mid-sagittal plane to expose the internal body cavities along with various organs. The organs can be presented as a whole block in natural position, or separated systematically. The circulatory and nervous system will be displayed on either side in full.
Head and Neck
  • the muscles of facial expression, deep muscles of the triangles of the neck are dissected on one side
  • on the other side, muscles of mastication are shown through deep facial dissection, and deeper layers of the neck are displayed
  • both sides show necessary structures, including main arteries and nerves some important veins can also be shown
  • the brain occupies half of the cranial cavity, while the other side shows the structures of the intracranial space, including cranial nerves and folds of dura mater
Thorax, Abdomen and Pelvis
  • systematically separated on one side, the digestive tract can be shown in physiological position as a continuous passageway with accessory organs, along with one part of the respiratory system
  • on the other side the urinary and reproductive organs are represented at the areas of their natural location
  • extremities are dissected so that each half shows different levels of musculature, and major arteries and nerves will be present both superficially and deep
  • other structures of the locomotive system such as joints and ligaments are demonstrated
  • two stands included